Avec – 20 years!

Avec – 20 years!

On November 23 in 1994, our directors José Guilherme and Silvana Aceto founded Avec Design! We are very proud of our values and new concepts.

In these 20 years we have studied and learned to understand why our company exists. We want to continue improving the quality of life of people!

This has been made possible by the characteristics and performance of modern glass and our innovative application of VES systems (Silicone Encapsulated Glass).

For 20 years we have provided safety, acoustic comfort, light control and any imaginable desired aesthetic appearance with high durability.

For these 20 years we have explored maximum transparency and minimal use of materials, focusing on the sustainability of our planet.

For 20 years we have worked with passion, dedication, and the desire to improve what we do!

Now and in our near future we will seek even more for advanced concepts. We are focused on the future and continued innovation. In YOUR future!

We seek for the total absence of maintenance and our products are designed to be used by our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren…

Count, trust, and depend on us! We hope you will continue with your dedication alongside our commitment, passion and integrity in our innovations