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The Ecoglazing® system is a “synthetic silicone frame” of high consistency HTV silicone (High Temperature Vulcanization), which replaces the conventional metallic frames in building closures or covers.
Any type of glass panels and also other compatible silicone materials are rubberized by the V.E.S method (Silicone Encapsulated Glass), by applying the edges with pure silicone which has the appropriate toughness, flexibility, format and desired color that is necessary for its final application.
These panels can be applied to the frames of any type of materials: metals, wood, concrete, glass, etc. Because of the chemical fixation (the structural adhesive) and the mechanical attachment (stainless steel claws and fasteners), they create an elastic and definitive connection.
Even in complex geometries, the technology simplifies all the productive stages, providing durability, security and a high level of performance.

Facades, storefronts, skylights, floors, etc.
Different types of rubber gaskets are used depending on the type of application (glass type/thickness)


  • Controlled Interactions with the External Environment
  • Unmatched Transparency and Beauty
  • Increased Property Value
  • The Use of Selective Glass
  • Light Control
  • Thermo Comfort
  • Acoustic Comfort
  • Incomparable Durability
  • Absence of Maintenance
  • Protection of the Glass and Reduced Necessity of Cleaning – Glass Shield
  • Tightness
  • Sustainability
  • Absolute Security

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