How we improve your quality of life?

A good quality of life enhances your personal health and welfare. It depends on us as individuals to make decisions that enable us to live a better and happier life.

In order to live a good quality of life, now a days there is an increasing concern about environmental comfort. This can be understood by the adequacy of the physical environment alongside human input, improving the ventilation, thermal, acoustic, light and especially, visual conditions of buildings.

The use of glass in modern architecture can be justified by the sophistication and the several advantages (listed below) which guarantee the comfort and the maximum energetic efficiency.

In a revolutionary way, we offer products which improve your quality of life, with the minimum use of energy.

To understand the advantages, read below.

  • Controlled Interactions with the External Environment


    Of the several advantages, one enables us to control the transparency and brightness level, and reduces the use of artificial light. We are also able to control the input or output of heat through the glass, acoustic comfort, and the ventilation. These factors make it possible for us to maintain the external environment interaction as desired.


  • Unmatched Transparency and Beauty

    icon-03Our products eliminate the needs for frames and columns, expanding the maximum transparency of the area with glass, producing unmatched and outstanding levels of beauty. The unique design system is based in V.E.S. (Silicone Encapsulated Glass) which uses the glass as the main element. A visual landscape with a wide, natural, and dynamic view guarantees visual comfort and generally is preferred by users.


  • Increased Property Value

    icon-06People today are increasingly seeking modernization and comfort. Besides the prestigious and sophisticated features that the glass offers, our product offers a more pleasant environment, quality of life, and increased property value.


  • The Use of Selective Glass

    icon-02Besides the visual the product offers, we can obtain any internal brightness level, using the different types of colored glass, serigraphs and reflective layers of the glass. The use of selective glass allows the passage of the intermediate spectrum of visible light, while controlling the spectrum of extreme light, in other words, the input of infrared rays (heat) and UV rays (ultraviolet). The laminated glass, which is commonly used, is composed of two layers of glass connected to PVB plastic between each piece of glass. The glass is characterized by the ability to filter 99.9% of UV rays. Because of this, the glass is not only used for the beauty and modernity, but also for its functionality of being able to block out the heat without affecting the natural day light.


  • Light Control

    icon-04The most important factors of the glass are the LT (Light Transmissions) and SF (Solar Factors) that reflect the different characteristics and performance of each type of glass in respect to lighting and heat filtration.

    An area that uses high light transmission glass is comfortable and enjoyable for homes, businesses, and factories. In addition the glass reduces the need of artificial light, providing greater energy efficiency.


  • Thermo Comfort

    The effective use of the correct materials and use of strategic distribution for architectural spaces in relation to solar orientation are allies of environmental thermal comfort.

    Due to the high technology, there are types of glass that allow the sunrays to be filtered through the reflection of radiation in a selective manner, minimizing the heat input into the environment, without reducing the brightness let in by the glass.

    A perfect example of the improvement that our products offer is the results of the Cathedral of Brasilia. We used glass with a shading coefficient 0.38, which means only 38% of the solar heat compared to ordinary glass. Therefore, the heat intake was cut by 2/3, providing thermal comfort in the interior of the cathedral.

  • Acoustic Comfort

    conforto-acusticoAn environment with a comfortable acoustic surrounding allows people to perform their activities (work, leisure, sleeping, etc.) with minimal stress levels and clear concentration.

    The glass, in turn, is an excellent acoustic insulator due to its mass. Even thin glass has an amazing performance in sound attenuation. The weak point however is the frame or the perimeter surrounding the glass, but our products are within the standards of the Brazilian Standard Acoustic, which are as listed:


    • 20dB – Moderate
    • 25dB – Intermediate
    • 30dB – Superior

    Due to our innovative technology VES, our windows use the highest standards available, ensuring acoustic comfort.

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  • Incomparable Durability

    icon-05All of the materials we use (glass, silicone, silicone gaskets, steel, etc.) have very long and durable life cycles.

    The silicone, in turn, is the only inorganic elastomer. The other types of rubber originate from latex and petroleum, which are chemically based from carbon. In addition, silicone is immune to U.V. rays and has been proven to be extremely durable in all weather conditions.

    According to the study performed by Kinner Silicone, at normal temperature the estimated life is indefinite, and it can operate effectively and above expectations for centuries.



    Fonte: Kinner Silicone


  • Absence of Maintenance



    The durability and quality of the materials make maintenance unnecessary.


  • Protection of the Glass and Reduced Necessity of Cleaning – Glass Shield


    As an additional feature we offer a Glass Shield, as a solution to preserve the original characteristics of the glass, minimize labor, maintenance costs, and cleaning as well. The technology involves the application of a product that forms a protective film on the glass that repels water. Therefore the frequent necessity to clean our products is much lower than conventional products.

  • Tightness

    icon_10-10Our products are weatherproof and unaffected by external factors. The VES (Silicone Encapsulated Glass) promotes a perfect fitting between the guided tracks of the glass and the perimeter of the window or door, thus avoiding the wetting of edges and preventing Aeolian sound.

  • Sustainability

    icon-13Our products provide substantial savings of energy consumption, for both cooling and heating environments, because of their technical performance.

    Due to the increasing concern about the environment, we also consider the rational use of materials. By drastically reducing or eliminating the use of aluminum, the energy consumption and the GHG emissions (GHGs) are reduced by at least 50% compared to conventional systems, according to the study:



  • Absolute Security

    icon-12Our products meet and exceed current technical standards.

    Our doors and windows make it possible to use laminated glass, which enhances protection. An example is the Boxsil, our glass box for bathrooms, which uses the PVB (Poly VinylButyral) between the glass panels, ensuring absolute safety for users. If the glass breaks, the fragments will be retained within the film, preventing accidents and injuries.

    • The silicone structural bonding features superior dimensional measurements (2x to 3x larger) compared to the conventional bonding.
    • Our glass systems use a double fixation (chemical and mechanical) with stainless steel clamps and claws for added security.
    • Our extensive experience and numerous tests confirm the methods to be successful.