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Glass Shield

It forms a protective layer on the glass that repels water.

Product certificated by Brazilian National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) 301895-4.

The glass is a material of an excellent transparency, uniformity and durability, however in its original composition, its surface is microscopically irregular, hydrophilic (holds back water) and without conductivity. These properties exert a great attraction and setting of reactive chemical products and atmospheric substances (pollution and dirt and grime), along with solar incidence or artificial light it can cause erosion marks and darkening of the surface, modifying deeply its qualities of visibility and transparency.

To keep these qualities of visibility, versatility, and appearance, it’s necessary to preform constant services of cleanliness and maintenance, with gradual and continuous use of detergents, solvents and abrasives also accumulated on its surface.

As a solution to maintain the glass’ original characteristics, to reduce the service and the costs of maintenance, we suggest the application of a waterproof product


  • Protection of the Glass and Reduced Necessity of Cleaning

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