Congratulations, São Paulo!

Congratulations, São Paulo!

Who would say? 464 years and we still have a lot to improve!

For 464 years São Paulo has been the city of business, architecture, innovation and opportunities!

For 464 years São Paulo has become more accessible and welcoming.

This is an anniversary post to the most frenetic, but also the most lovable megalopolis.

Congratulations, São Paulo!

In 2009 the extension work of the Subway Station  5- Lilás Line started, there are 11 stations (Adolfo Pinheiro, Alto da Boa Vista, Borba Gato, Brooklin, Campo Belo, Eucaliptos, Moema, AACD-Servidor, Hospital São Paulo, Santa Cruz and Chácara Klabin), to improve access to hospital complexes such as Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Santo Amaro, Hospital Alvorada, Hospital do Servidor Público Estadual, Hospital Edmundo Vasconcelos, Hospital de Rim e Hipertensão, Maternidade do Amparo Maternal, Hospital São Paulo, Hospital Santa Cruz, Hospital Sepaco and specialized centers for treatments such as AACD, APAE e Lar Escola São Francisco, as well.

The new stations will operate by stages, starting this month until April 2018, except for the Campo Belo station, scheduled to operate only in December 2018.


In addition, this expansion will boost the development of regions along the Lilás Line 5, allowing access to important business centers.

We hope that we can always count on improvements in our city such as this expansion of Line 5 of the subway, which we are proud to be part of! Avec is participating in all the glazing projects!

We bring color and beauty for our loved and gray city!