The National Day of Architects and Urbanists

The National Day of Architects and Urbanists

If you search for Architect’s Day, you will find many different dates on the internet.

However, this date was recently changed. But why, do you know the reason for the new date?

The Council of Architecture and Urbanism in Brazil (CAU / BR) established in 2011 that the 15th of December would be The National Day of Architects and Urbanists, in honor of the world famous architect Oscar Niemeyer, who was born on this date.

There is nothing more precise than honoring this Brazilian artist, who inspires many young architects and students today!

These professionals have the courage and ability to unite functionality and aesthetics in their projects. They have the gift to turn rows and lines into dreams and dreams into reality! They are professionals who create a concept on paper and translate our needs by offering comfort.

Avec Design is proud to be part of these professionals routine every day. CONGRATULATIONS!