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The BOXSIL® is a shower box made of laminated glass that provides security, an impressive look, a large range of colors, different patterns. In addition the assembly is easy and BOXSIL® is recognized for its innovation, quality, and technology because of its use of laminated glass with VANCEVA™ and SAFLEX™ films. The laminated glass is encapsulated by an elastomer frame, which has an additive anti-fungus, providing hygiene to the protected glass edges.
The BOXSIL® presents two basic configurations, always using sliding doors: a frontal or corner configuration (with two or four pieces) with 17 available color options and designs. In addition, BOXSIL® can be customized to any size for the desired esthetic and functionality requested by the clients.

  • With reflective laminated glass we produce mirror and shower screens together as one product.
  • Glass knob (aluminum option).
  • Complete opening of the sliding doors.
  • The sliding doors with upper/lower continuous frame slide smoothly.
  • Connected by injected plastics.
  • Colored shower screens with Vanceva Design film.
  • Date:Nov 1998
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