World Environment Day!

World Environment Day!

Today, June 5th, is the Environment Day! The word “sustainability” has been discussed and currently being “sustainable” is almost a requirement. Companies have sought to sustainable development, which means meeting present needs and also future generations.

People think that economic growth must be increased, along with the use of natural resources, exploring the most of what is in the environment, but actually this is the greatest threat to us and to the future generations, since natural resources are finite. So the challenge is the economic growth increasing and the use of natural resources decreasing.

In the construction field we know that the environmental impacts are considerable. The International Council of Construction – CIB points to the construction industry as the sector that consumes more natural resources and uses energy intensively.

What is necessary to improve in the construction field? Reduction and optimization of materials consumption and energy!
That is what we do! Speaking specifically of our products, we always prioritize the sustainable development! Our products provide savings in electricity consumption, either for cooling or heating environments, due to the technical performance of the materials. The modern glass can filter the sun’s rays, selectively, reducing up to 80% the heat input inside, without reducing the brightness let in by the glass. That  is the reason why we can reduce the use of artificial lighting and air conditioning.

Another advantage is recycling potential. A practical example is the restoration of the Brasilia Cathedral(Oscar Niemeyer’s project), where 70 tons of the glass were 100% recycled  by Cebrace and the glass now are present in thousands of Brazilian windows. It is also important to remember that nowadays we have the photovoltaic glass, which allow the absorption of solar radiation and convert it to electricity. Have you heard about it?

Another interesting point of our products is the materials reduction, we reduce (and sometimes we eliminate completely) the use of the aluminum, compared to conventional products.  5 ton of bauxite is used to produce only 1 ton of aluminum and, in addition, a huge energy consumption for its production is necessary. We believe that the aluminum application should be rational and conscious.

By drastically reducing or eliminating the use of aluminum, the energy consumption and the GHG emissions (GHGs) are reduced by at least 50% compared to conventional systems, according to the study:


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There are many actions to be taken, we can have a sustainable world, it is up to the professionals to know what to prioritize and the consumers to choose the best option!

Not only for the World Environment Day, but every day, you should do your part!



Sources: Ministry of Environment